Valid Buyer Criteria, Part 2

agent training Jan 07, 2022

Here’s part two of my two-part series on valid buyer criteria.

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Today we’re covering the second half of my series on the 10 valid buyer criteria, where I talk about what qualities make for a good buyer to work with. If you haven’t seen it already, visit my last blog post to see the first five criteria discussed. Here is the second set of five:

6. They are not contingent on selling their home. This is a tough one because a lot of people depend on the money from their current home to buy their next one. However, there are ways of buying non-contingently. The ideal situation is to work with buyers who aren’t tied down to their own sales.

7. They’re willing to spend the time. Many people aren’t willing to spend the necessary time with you to sell a home.


      Pick the people you want to work with—pick your business.


8. All decision makers are present. If your clients are spouses, try to have both of them there at the same time so that all those responsible for the decision can weigh in on what’s discussed. Otherwise, it becomes like a game of Telephone where the message gets muddled in translation.

9. They’re willing to disclose all financial information. I don’t always need all the information, but I do want to make sure that they’re willing to disclose it so that I can get them through the process as efficiently as possible. I don’t want to waste their time or my time. If I know what’s going on, we can fix or change anything that’s needed.

10. You like them. I’ve spent so much of my career working with people that I didn’t want to work with, and it was miserable. Pick the people you want to work with—pick your business.

Hopefully, this list was of some help to you. If I can be of service in the future, or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email.


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