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Here’s what a few agents say about our free training:

"Since I started the Mastermind Group and Coaching with Brian, all the craziness in my head and spinning wheels has calmed right down. Brian has a way of putting everything into perspective and giving you a solid path to succeed. He is so smart; he cares, and he knows his stuff. The things he says are pure gold!"

- Arla Unwin


"Before I joined Brian's coaching program, I had let myself fall into complacency. Since joining his coaching program I have learned to be consistent and accountable.  He has shared how easy and uncomplicated conversations can be when you have simple wording. I am excited to see my business as a BUSINESS again. I feel so grateful to be part of his coaching and would highly recommend it to new all agents."

- Colleen Michalowski


"Brian is one of the most BAD ASS mentors and coaches that I have ever hired.  I have gone through TONS and I mean TONS of coaching programs, that really at the end of the day didn't teach you anything.  Brian has helped me gain structure to not only my real estate business but my personal life. I've cleared out a lot of things that were holding me back.  Brian is the BEST!"

- Luke Schumacher

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