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Dear Fellow Real Estate Agent,

To ensure success in our industry, you need a guide. Like many agents who have just started out, or if you are looking to jump-start your career, you may be struggling to find a leg to stand on. After all, how can you achieve your success when you have no idea how to attain it?

The problem is that most agents don’t understand that real estate is a business, and, as such, we must handle it like we would any other business: We must build the foundation it takes to make it succeed.

But too often, agents put their best efforts into erroneous tasks without first creating a viable, sustainable business. They spend all their time dealing with bad leads instead of chasing the good ones. They run themselves in circles, eschewing top dollar-producing activities in lieu of unattainable goals. They don’t have the experience, the leads, or the income to jump over the hurdle. And then they become a statistic.

The fact is, 87% of agents don’t make it past 5 years in the business.

For struggling agents, quick fixes are the name of the game. They don’t have the time it takes to build their business. Or, they simply don’t want to put in the time that’s required. Regardless, they throw their money at programs, services, and products that they don’t understand and can’t utilize.

All the while, there are bills they have to pay, families they must care for, and an income they’re scrambling to earn. People work a day job while moonlighting as agents, but they fail to realize there is no good way of transitioning into the industry. Full-time hours in real estate can be every hour of the day.

If there’s no way for them to correct this downward spiral, well, they’re out of luck. Agents who can’t get the business they need are simply forced to return to an alternative outside of real estate.

But I have the way out of this struggle.

I’ve closed over a thousand deals in my 16 years of real estate experience. Last year alone I achieved 128 closings while working only 10 hours a week. I take my abilities in the industry and share them with others through my various coaching programs, which provide my clients with anywhere from a 20% to 400% increase in production. The people I coach are able to streamline their day-to-day processes, allowing them to instead focus their time on important dollar-producing activities while also enjoying a better work-life balance. There’s no need to work 24/7 just to scrape by.

After unlocking an agent’s true potential through my coaching services, I’m often able to invite them to join my real estate team. With others, you have no idea what you’ll get when you sign on with a brokerage. With me, you’ll not only flourish, but you’ll learn how to do so no matter where you work as an agent. Whether you join my team or not, you’ll leave our sessions together knowing how to make your business the best it can be.

This coaching program uses a variety of methods to enhance your skills as an agent:

  • Training calls
  • Video series topics every few days
  • Mastermind calls to discuss strengths
  • Private events and workshops
  • Social media engagement groups
  • Accountability expectations
  • A community of agents working together towards a common goal

Throughout the program, you’ll have the support of not only myself, but also your fellow agents in training. When it finishes, you’ll have the ability to achieve greatness no matter where you go in your real estate career and find the income, freedom, and consistency you desire. Top performers will even have the opportunity to join my own team.

Or, you could continue struggling, perhaps choosing to jump from brokerage to brokerage in an attempt to find something that works. But you won’t find the resources you need to build a great business yourself. Other programs are rarely done by actual real estate agents, let alone top producers. And without the essential skills needed to thrive in our industry, you’ll find your career as an agent slowly fading away as you return to previous work in order to survive.

One of the agents I coached was working themselves to death, logging 60-hour weeks with difficult deals in a struggle to make a mere $30,000 a year. After my program, he was making $400,000 a year working hardly 20 hours each week.

I see these results time and time again, and I want to help you attain the same success in your own real estate business. Without a deadline, a goal is just a dream, and the time to make that goal a reality is now. Contact me, and let’s make your future in the industry the one you’ve always wanted.

Brian Ernst

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