This Buy-Sell Analysis Strategy Can Help You

Uncategorized May 02, 2022

 Help clients see that they’re trying to do things in the wrong order.


Have you ever had a seller say they want to buy a home before they sell, but you know they need to sell their home before they’re able to buy the next one? In that type of situation, I like to propose a buy-sell analysis and suggest that it can be done over the phone.


"Try to get in front of people when they want to do things in the wrong order."


First, I ask if they’ve ever heard of a buy-sell analysis. Usually, the answer is no, so I tell them, “It’s a bird’s eye view of the sequence of events that most successful home sellers and buyers follow to maximize the net proceeds from the sale of their current home while maintaining the best possible negotiation leverage when buying. It helps people avoid selling too quickly and ending up homeless or owning two homes at once and having double payments. Does this sound like it would be of value to you?” Frequently they’ll say yes, so you say something like, “I’m available to give you a buy-sell analysis tomorrow at 2 p.m., or would Wednesday at 3 p.m. work better for you?” 


You just go right for the close. The whole point of this is to get in front of them so you can overcome their objection. Don’t explain too much about it because you want to get an appointment. Once you’re in front of them, show them what would happen differently if they have to do a home-sale contingency or a home-close contingency and that they might not even have to write a contingency when buying their next home if they sell first. 


Try to get in front of people when they want to do things in the wrong order so you can demonstrate why it’s not a good idea. If I can answer any questions or help you out with something in the future, please feel free to call me. I’d love to help you.


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