What It Takes to Be a Listing Agent

Uncategorized Feb 08, 2021

A listing agent’s job isn’t always pretty; here’s my advice on doing it well.

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A hot seller’s market is obviously a great time to be a listing agent. You can sit back, collect a ton of offers, and be under contract in a matter of days. But what happens when the market flips? I’ll never forget back in December 2007 when I found myself sitting on 30 active listings and couldn’t generate a showing for any of them. It was as if the market had a secret switch and someone suddenly shut it off. To make matters worse, I was doing 90-day listing agreements because the market time up until then was 30 days. Just four years into my career, my assumption that prices always went up was shattered; the pressure was on. Today I’m sharing the invaluable lessons I learned back then and how to navigate the inherent struggles of being a listing agent.

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